Would TV viewers watch a news channel that was not bias towards a political party? ?


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mw99nd :

We are all screaming foul when ever we watch a news source that is not bias towards our opinion, would anyone watch a news source that had no bias? Just facts, no opinion or commentary.
There is not one… that’s why I am asking the question. Would you watch it, if it existed?

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IS there a such thing?


Probably not. Otherwise CNN and MSNBC would be out of business.

Fox is the most unbiased.

Savage Nation Party

I would but good luck in finding such a channel.

An Informed Voter!

In this era, no news outlet would be viewed by both parties as unbiased.

The true patriot is an informed voter.


CNN/PBS is the closest to “No Bias” even though there may be some…

I would like to watch an Independent news network tho.


Is there one? I know most lefties think Fox is right biased, but they seem to report more fairly than any of the others. They at least have Democrats on there to voice their side. All the other networks are so in the tank for Obama, it’s ridiculous. I can’t stand all the hate toward Republicans on those networks.

I would definitely watch a network that was completely unbiased. I just don’t think there is such a thing.

McCain/Palin 2008

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