Why would Newsweek pay Karl Rove to write political commentary?


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murphy :

Isn’t Rove about as tainted as one can get yet remain free?

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i guess Newsweek will also hire Britney Spears as family advice columnist.


I don’t think anyone denies that, if nothing else, Karl Rove is one of the shrewdest minds in the business. You may not like some of his methods or his politics, but the man knows his business.

Let’s look at the recent Presidential record. In 2000, the Clinton Administration had eight years of peace and prosperity. Al Gore was a link to that record without the stain of the personal scandal. George Bush beat him.

In 2004, George Bush was saddled with a very unpopular war that didn’t appear to have any obvious end point. America was attacked by terrorists under Bush’s watch (you could argue that it didn’t happen again, but that doesn’t change the initial point). Bush won by a larger margin.

When Karl Rove speaks, it might be worth a listen.


Gee i thought Rove was “Fair and Balanced”

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