Where do you get your political commentary?


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I’m not talking about news. I’m talking analysis and opinion. Be specific. Why do you go to those sources?

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Economist Magazine. They look at things from an objective global pro-business standpoint. It’s sometimes liberal, sometimes conservative depending on the issue.

Molly Pitcher

No where. I gather facts, from 1st sources when possible, and make my own analysis and form my own opinion.

Troy B

Hannity- Know thy enemy

Face the Nation, Meet the Press. They have good guests from time to time.

Raleigh Theodore Sakers

Keith Olbermann, anything this f-ing joke says I know it’s false.


My opinions are just that, my opinions. I’ve read enough to have an opinion regarding this election. I may be young, but I know what my beliefs are.


MSNBC, CNN, C-Span, Newsweek, Huffington Post

they’re realistic. they have all political parties and all races and they talk about both sides… it’s not like Fox news who basically says “republicans are always right we don’t care what the facts are.”

Shadow Knight

Time magazine, Slate, Newsweek magazine, US News and world report.

Reliable and interesting. Usually even – handed even though they trend left a little.

Atlantic Monthly. In -depth and often very enlightening.

I also listen to Rush Limbaugh.

He often makes good points and is far more influential than most liberals care to admit. However I get more enjoyment out of watching the ditto – heads repeat his every thought on forums such as this one.

Two peas in a pod

I listen to both the candidates speak, then follow up by checking thier record, and thier stances on certain subjects. And I have found McCain to be a liar. I am a disabled veteran, and McCain has voted against almost every veteran benefit that comes up. He just vote against the new GI bill, yet today I watched him speak to veterans and say he understands what they need because he’s a vet. Wow, the nerve, I have also seen vets stand up and tell him about his votes. He just cuts them off.


All mainstream media I have access to including anything slanted to the right like Fox because I believe the variety and subtle differences in the way the particular item is reported often tells a lot.

Apart from that and because they’re almost always on target, in line with my views and despite their accuracy still hardly ever heard, the World Socialist Website

Lettie D

I watch all 3 of these channels on TV-Fox, CNN & MSNBC. I read the New York Times, Washington Post and my local paper. The magazines that I prescribe to are Newsweek and Time. I put everything I read and hear together and then go (Senate website, senate.gov/legislation) to see how each candidate has voted on each specific bill and issue and then I analyze and come up with my opinion. I go to those sources because it has become a habit with me I suppose.

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