What’s your opinion on the hiring of Don Imus and his return to the airwaves?


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American citizen and taxpayer :

He often interviews political figures and offers occasional political “commentary.”

So . . . what do you think?


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justice is served.


a great victory for free speech


I don’t care either way. I have always exercised my freedoms by choosing not to listen to the gasbag.


it’s called the first amendment. freedom of speech. let the dirty old man say what he wants. its someone else’s fault if they pay him, let alone air it. not your’s for hearing it, right?

Princess of the Realm

His nappy head should have never been taken off the air in the first place. I don’t listen to him, I am not a fan, but he has the right to say it. PCism will be the death of us all!


Good for him

I am happy for that old knappy headed ho

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