What’s the difference between News and Commentary? And Why do people Mistake Political Commentary as News?


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400 years of Opression is over :

Why do people take idiots like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity serious? They both lack Professional Journalism and nothing they utter should be taken literally. Sure I know they both are authors of NY times bestsellers and Rich. So are the Porn-star Super-head Steffans and the redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy — Doesn’t make them Professional Journalist.

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It’s entertainment at it’s peak. People feel a true grasp of intelligence and reality. They are beasts of the dead. Puppets, if you will. Anyone can write a book. If Paris Hilton were to write a book it would be a NY Times best seller.

Rex K

Many people confuse the “talk shows” as “News Programs, by the way they are announced & presented. Most all of them are 50-50 mix of editorializing, be it MSNBC, Fox, Or CNN. To keep an open mind, you need change channels several times a day. ( Post Script ) If Paris Hilton writes a book, I hope it has pictures.


Why is it that you only mention S. Hannity but not Keith Olberman? Seems a little strange to me. But you are right these people are commentators not news people.

PS to the person who said Hannity did not finish or go to college, neither did Bill Gates does that really make a difference. And I’m thinking I could bet my last dollar that both make more money then you do.

Caribou "LIPS" Barbie™

The FOX NEWS is bad political commentary.

Sean Hannity never finished college and he is a drop out too boot.

Obama Won!

My own opinion is that once the 24 hour news networks developed on cable TV in the early 80s, a quest for content began in earnest. Among the types content rising to the surface — shall we say — were heated right/left debate shows. These shows tracked well in the Neilsens and revealed a large audience for right/left shouting matches. The newsworthiness of these shows is secondary to the heat and fury they generate. I think of it as WWF for pseudos and MBAs (if there’s a difference).


News is fact, and is generally difficult to spin the truth on.

Political commentary is the author’s view on a matter (in this context, anyway).

People mistake it because they see O’Reilly on a channel called Fox NEWS, or Glenn Beck on Cable NEWS Network.

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