What publishing companies would publish my Political Commentary?


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Adam :

I am 13 years old , and I have finished 56 pages of my book , when I finish it (in about a year) , I’ll be 14 , how do I publish it , to where should I write my book proposal?

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First finish the commentary. Then start thinking about where to get it published.

However, your best bet is to get a copy of the Writer’s Marketplace. It supplies the names and contact information (and types of writing companies are interested in) for most publishing firms.

But first write. Then edit. THEN think about publication.


Your age is an advantage because it represents a unique perspective, that may give you an “in” with some publishers. You might want to begin (now) with your local newspaper, perhaps they’ll print a sample with the byline “Adam is the author of the book ____, in print soon.” They may also have some contacts in the publishing industry. You might also consider a vanity publisher for short runs and depending on your partisan inclinations, maybe you can get a sales table at local political gatherings. It’s an exciting topic and an exciting time for it. But get going now. In a year, we’ll be past the next election cycle! Good Luck!

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