What do you see as the solution to the conflict between the West and radical Islam?


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slicktop80 :

I WANT opposing opinions. Is further military conflict inevitable? Or can we all just get along? Will the “Islamic Extremists” let us. Can there ever be a peace between us? The only snag is, qualify your answer. Back it up, don’t just regurgitate what you heard on some news / talk show somewhere. Also, actors or entertainers don’t really qualify as reliable sources for political commentary, so if you get your views from MTV or E!, don’t bother.
C’mon guys, give me a little more here. Answer the whole question.
Peace@iran-Thank you for your response. Ineteresting to hear from someone from your perspective. I hope that we can acheive peace between the West and Islam, I do not personally believe we are past the point of no return.
All the answers are good, keep ‘em coming

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Respect each other’s religion and political affiliations.


Leave the Radicals alone They didn’t do anything to the US until the US came and told them what to do

Dragon Rage

Kill bush and there will be peace, if it wasn’t for the west, there would have been no conflicts.


Bud, your asking a little much there. If you want that kind of answer that is backed up with this and that, you need to go some place besides here. Get serious…

.45 Peacemaker

Those two Fox guys had it right if we would submit ourselves to becoming muslim they wouldn’t have a problem with us. Unless for some crazy reason you want to live under Shia law, we are going to have to fight them. If we would have started when they fired the first shots in the Seventies we wouldn’t the problem we have now.


I believe that mainstream muslims will eventually get tired of the radicals and reject them. The majority of muslims already want to live a lifestyle similar to westerners and radical islamicsts are holding them back


Peace will come when the “west stop bullying the rest of the world. The Islamic “fundamentalists” only became this as they had had enough. It is a knee jerk reaction to the ill treatment and oppression they have had to endure. It is more a war of ideology rather than religion.


“What do you see as the solution to the conflict between the West and radical Islam?”

There is no solution. The “Radicals” have been around forever, and will not be going away. After 9-11, our actions/reactions gave them more fuel to hate us. It is beyond repair.


There is only one solution that ‘Christian Radicals / Extremist / Terrorist’ like you & Mr. Bush and ‘Jews Radicals’ be admitted in the best Mental-Hospital, for treatment and then there will be peace in the world.

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