What do walls keep in/out, symbolically speaking?


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My class is doing a “walls” unit which we are specifically applying to immigrant groups in America (I’m doing Cubans). I’ve thought about it but I can’t help feeling that I’m not digging into the deeply enough into the meaning of “walls” and what they may keep in or out as applied to this particular topic. I’d love to get some insight/opinions from other people, even if it’s just a single sentence.
No political/racial commentary, please.
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Perhaps you are missing the word ‘ghetto’ where immigrants from a particular country or belief gather together in one small district. Read the Jewish Ghettos in Poland etc. a sort of banding together of people from a common background for comfort and support.
I don’t know if the Cubans have been assimilated or if they stick together.


If you take “walls” to mean symbolically the concept of barriers, you could discuss for example how not speaking English keeps immigrants apart from those who do, or you could talk about cultural barriers like how perhaps Cuban teens are treated differently by their parents than US teens (if they are, I don’t know, just a suggestion), how being raised in a Communistic society makes it hard to fit into one focused on mass consumption, etc… You could also talk about how economic issues can be barriers for immigrants, (hard to get a high paying job in US) etc…

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