The real driver of political ideology?


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UnaBlogger :

What is it that makes one gravitate towards republican or democratic ideologies?
I’ve noticed that generally the larger cities, even in the red states, tend to vote democratic while the rural areas are predominantly republican voters.
I’ve wondered if the big city dwellers have better access to news and political commentary than their rural conterparts and therefore have better information to base their decisions on.
Possibly, the big city dwellers have a clearer view of how most people actually live and believe the democrats offer the best hope for the future.
I’ve looked at Modoc county, a republican strong hold in one of the poorest counties in blue state California that went big for Bush in 2004.
Blaine county, Idaho, the richest county in a red state, consistently votes democratic.
Maybe a persons income or education has more to do with it than anything else.
Which party do you identify with and why?

smartestman, I don’t think most people in rural areas are rich farmers. There are many more poor people working in the fields who also vote.
Modoc County has the lowest median household income of any county in California.
Blaine County’s reputation as a resort and celebrity attraction has created a situation where the cost of living, particularly in housing, is significantly higher than the rest of the state.
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Look at it this way: in the country, it’s easy to keep things the way they are, they don’t change much. Therefore it’s easier to maintain a conservative attitude.

This same attitude will not work in cities, where things can change from week to week or month to month. These things demand quick changes in order to keep that piece of society functioning.

Whatever form of government works best in a particular area, or whichever is dominant, is going to be the primary factor in one’s political party choice. This is quite obvious when looking at a map of the US after an election, the north is blue and the south is red.


“Which party do you identify with and why? ”

The libertarian party.

Okay, I live in one of those wealthier counties that tends to vote democrat. But I have to say that while I am socially liberal (in other words, if it doesn’t hurt me or anyone else, I don’t give a rat’s behind what you do), I’ve seen time and time again how things only get more expensive and out of control when the government steps in. Ergo, I favor a smaller government that is fiscally responsible and stays the heck out of things they don’t need to be involved with. Now, most people would say that makes me a conservative and republican, but….well, heck, look at the mess both here and abroad the republicans have gotten us into these past years! They’re no better than the democrats.

As such, I’m a libertarian.

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