Does anyone familiar with Star Trek see the political commentary as opposed to the science fiction or both?


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Ryan :

Contrary to most observations, the “aliens” of Star Trek are representative of various aspects of humanity…..can anyone see the commentary as opposed to the strange aliens and ‘big’ science words like “quantum singularities” aka blackouts….???? If you are familiar with this political commentary and what it conveys…would you rather live in the Star Trek universe with the overriding ‘idealistic’ outlook for the future or be stuck in the ‘real’ world as it is today?
oops…not blackouts…black holes!!!!!!!

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I like Star Trek. but prefer not to take it that seriously.

John W

What if in one show of Star Trek, the captain says we come in ……………ZAP, and the aliens fry the whole ship. Just a thought


Gene Roddenberry was a very astute man…the politics of the early/middle 60’s were well represented….so too were the recurring problems of humanity..war,politics,sex,famine,pestilence etc


Get a life dude Star Trek is a well written science fiction series and nothing more and the real world is the only choice you have

Chi Guy

Which version of Star Trek?

The original version was decades ahead of its time. Just think. During the cold war era, the Enterprise had a Russian navigator/pilot. Star Trek constantly pushed the boundaries of the era that it was made in. It challenged social injustices as well.

Tony H

Star trek was a space “western” That is what it was competing against…. Gunsmoke,Hondo, Lancer, Bonanza, Big valley, etc..
Thats why Kirk had to get into a fight every episode.. Roddenberry did try and sneak some morality plays in though… But he was nowhere near as good at sneaking them in as Rod Serling.

right you are ken

The first interracial kiss on television was on Star Trek. The show has a long history of not only being entertaining but also a social commentary of the day. An episode I distinctly remember had Frank Gorsham and someone else. They were fighting over their race and control of their planet. One side of Frank’s face was white, the other black. His deathly opponent also had a black and white face, except they were reversed, so one guy’s face was black on the left side and the others was white on the left side and they fought each other over their prejudice. A real ground-breaking show.

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