Did anyone else vote chaotically in this Indiana primary and feel funny?


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it’s me :

Truly this is a a brilliant operation and chaos is reigning. It was easier than I thought — no lines at the polls, no funny questions, needed my ID and they asked me to check a box as to which ballot I wanted. And no save your comments I’m not a robot — I read more political commentary in one day than most of you in a year and I’ve got plenty of degrees on my wall :)

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Indiana will be a Republican State anyway this time…
Ohio and Penn along with Massachusetts and RI will be Dem.
Tell me?

Hillary 08

I got there early and glad I did. People were starting to come in pretty steady. I felt good voting for Hillary. I feel proud.

Johnky J

if you vote for barack and clinton
then you must not care about the u.s.

The Hammer

Count your vote as a another slice in the hundreds of cuts into the democrat party that will bleed it dry by November.

Spencer M

The fact that people would actually do something so childish and immoral just because they are afraid to face in Obama in the General Election is mind-boggling.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that one black man would ever cause such great fear and dread for the Republican party.

Deborah W

I live in a small town in Indiana and it was actually pretty busy at our polling place..I voted for Obama and walked out knowing I did the right thing…Happy voting!


Yes, tinker bell, Santa is coming….to IRAN!

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