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My class is doing a “walls” unit which we are specifically applying to immigrant groups in America (I’m doing Cubans). I’ve thought about it but I can’t help feeling that I’m not digging into the deeply enough into the meaning of “walls” and what they may keep in or out as applied to this particular topic. I’d love to get some insight/opinions from other people, even if it’s just a single sentence.
No political/racial commentary, please.
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UnaBlogger :

What is it that makes one gravitate towards republican or democratic ideologies?
I’ve noticed that generally the larger cities, even in the red states, tend to vote democratic while the rural areas are predominantly republican voters.
I’ve wondered if the big city dwellers have better access to news and political commentary than their rural conterparts and therefore have better information to base their decisions on.
Possibly, the big city dwellers have a clearer view of how most people actually live and believe the democrats offer the best hope for the future.
I’ve looked at Modoc county, a republican strong hold in one of the poorest counties in blue state California that went big for Bush in 2004.
Blaine county, Idaho, the richest county in a red state, consistently votes democratic.
Maybe a persons income or education has more to do with it than anything else.
Which party do you identify with and why?

smartestman, I don’t think most people in rural areas are rich farmers. There are many more poor people working in the fields who also vote.
Modoc County has the lowest median household income of any county in California.
Blaine County’s reputation as a resort and celebrity attraction has created a situation where the cost of living, particularly in housing, is significantly higher than the rest of the state.
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briangorski_us :

I’m looking to find out if there is a “plain language” version of what will happen once the credit card laws go in to effect next year (I believe February 2010) anywhere.

(Please leave all political commentary aside, I am NOT asking how we got here, or what the Republicans did or didn’t do, or what the Democrats did or didn’t do, I just want to know whether or not there is a way to easily find out.)

Thank you.

American citizen and taxpayer :

He often interviews political figures and offers occasional political “commentary.”

So . . . what do you think?


American citizen and taxpayer :

Would that be an instance of the “Fairness Doctrine” coming into play?

I personally don’t think he needs the help. But I oppose the government telling people what political commentary they can and cannot broiadcast anyway. I think the folks in Philadelphia in 1787 did too.

What do you think?

400 years of Opression is over :

Why do people take idiots like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity serious? They both lack Professional Journalism and nothing they utter should be taken literally. Sure I know they both are authors of NY times bestsellers and Rich. So are the Porn-star Super-head Steffans and the redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy — Doesn’t make them Professional Journalist.

Adam :

I am 13 years old , and I have finished 56 pages of my book , when I finish it (in about a year) , I’ll be 14 , how do I publish it , to where should I write my book proposal?

Terry M :

Both primary and general. No political commentary, please.

kell :

What is the purpose of a political commentary? (1 point)

* to persuade readers to take some particular action
* to support an original political argument with examples and explanations from literature
* to express opinions on political issues
* to use rhetorical devices to clarify the need for social change

One reason for setting a purpose for reading is to (1 point)

* improve your reading rate.
* make a piece of literature easier to summarize.
* make literary works seem more vivid and accessible.
* focus and deepen your experience of a piece of literature.

it’s me :

Truly this is a a brilliant operation and chaos is reigning. It was easier than I thought — no lines at the polls, no funny questions, needed my ID and they asked me to check a box as to which ballot I wanted. And no save your comments I’m not a robot — I read more political commentary in one day than most of you in a year and I’ve got plenty of degrees on my wall :)

Rush Limbaugh or Rush: who has better songs? Who has better political commentaries?

The Dog’s Bollocks : Based on a question asked several months earlier.;_ylt=AlgZ27eOale6jrSHyjFCHcsjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20070622203129AAdUkK9

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Would TV viewers watch a news channel that was not bias towards a political party? ?

mw99nd : We are all screaming foul when ever we watch a news source that is not bias towards our opinion, would anyone watch a news source that had no bias? Just facts, no opinion or commentary.
There is not one… that’s why I am asking the question. Would you watch it, if it [...]

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